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More about LiveJournal [Apr. 18th, 2004|05:43 pm]


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Dave raff_1976 should put a reference to this page in the PMA newsletter. So if all goes to plan we should get some new accounts created here. I'm posting this in order to help people get off to a flying start if they're unfamiliar with LiveJournal.

If you are added to somebody's friends list, then they are looking at your public postings which will appear on their 'friends' page. If you add them to YOUR friends list, they will also be able to see your 'friends only' postings. You can categorise your friends into various groups, nobody needs to know what group they're in. E.g. you could have 'BUSAG', 'Non BUSAG', 'Immediate Family', 'Everybody coming the the surprise party, except the wife' and so on. When you make a journal entry you can limit it to friends only, or even a particular group of friends.

As well as adding individuals to your friends list, you can add communities (such as 'BUSAG'). You can also add 'syndicated feeds'. Once you sign up for them, these gather information from a whole host of webpages and put them all into your 'friends' page.

A list of the more popular feeds is available here: Syndication List. To add a feed to your friends list, click on the name of the feed and follow the instructions.

You can edit your account, make an entry into your journal, change the look of things, upload pictures and so forth by going into 'user info' from any journal page - at the top you will see some menu items.

Remember, if you're not logged on, you will only see those entries which are marked as 'public'.

I don't expect 'BUSAG' itself to have lots of traffic, but hopefully it will serve as a point of contact.

Incidentally, if you want the womble to appear on your friends page when someone makes a post to busag rather than that person's picture, there is an option in your customisation setup somewhere for that.