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Welcome! [Apr. 18th, 2004|09:38 am]



This LiveJournal was created for past and present members on BUSAG. It's a new thing, and so quiet at the moment. Hopefully you will help to get it running by joining it!

You will need a LiveJournal account. Don't worry, this is free - and doesn't generate spam. They make their money by people upgrading the accounts for extra features. What you get when you sign up is a website which you can easily update from anywhere. Similarly, joining this community doesn't generate spam (as long as you don't post your email unmangled for public view). Updates to this community are web based, not email based see below.

To join the community for busag, go to the busag user info page and click on the 'join this community' text. You can often get to a user info page by clicking on the information at the top of the page, or the little icon next to a name murkee. What happens when you join a community is that you will see posts to the community on your own 'friends' page. You will also see posts your friends have made on this page. You can also subscribe to syndicated feeds, a list is available, these allow you to see updates from other websites on your friends page, like this murkeefeed

When you update your journal, if you look at 'more options', you can also post direct to the busag journal. This can be useful for annual meal, new year and so on. Anyone who is in the busag community - or who simply has busag listed as 'friend', will see these updates on their 'friends' page.

On the busag friends page you will see recent personal updates of folks in the busag community. Of course, each person can control which friends get to see the updates - you can mark your updates as 'friends only', or even specify a group of friends, nobody will see your entries here unless they are entitled to anyway!

The idea is that this will be a useful way for people to get, and stay, in touch.

One more thing. The LiveJournal logins will likely be different to the real names or busag nicknames - if that's the case it can be useful to let people know - so to set the ball rolling murkee, I'm 'Frank' (aka Mark, 1994), and here is my wife, ban_monica Monica (1993, came along but not really a member in her own right).