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Karen's Mad Marathon [May. 19th, 2004|03:43 pm]


Karen Henderson (main club member 1991-94) is running the New York Marathon this November.

Hope you are all well. I'm on a mission and I hope that some of you can help me!! In just 6 months time I will be flying over to New York and having a little holiday, and I'm hoping that some of you can fund it for me!!

To make it worth your while, I'll run (stagger/crawl/weep!!) the 26 miles of the New York Marathon, taking place on November 7th. Yes, I know it is mad, but you all know me, and sanity isn't a word associated readily with me is it??!!

I'd like to support 2 charities, Cancer Research UK and the Arthritis Research Campaign. Below are 2 web sites, where you can donate (using any major credit card!!) on line and the money goes directly to the charity assuming I complete the challenge! I am aiming to raise £500 for each charity, but I can't do it without your help, so please whip out that plastic and be as generous as you can!

Remember, I couldn't even run round the block this time last year, so I've got my work cut out! I'll let you know how my training progresses, but currently it is slow!!!

Thanks, in anticipation!



[User Picture]From: murkee
2004-05-19 12:33 pm (UTC)
Donation duly made. I'll echo Wendy Haigh's comment... she'd better bloody do it now :)
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